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At Shellback Survival Systems, we’re dedicated to transforming public safety through technological innovation. Our state-of-the-art gunshot detection systems have been trusted by educational institutions and law enforcement agencies nationwide, offering unparalleled accuracy and rapid response capabilities. From our industry-leading sensors to our real-time alert systems, every element of our product line is designed to maximize safety and provide peace of mind.

What Sets Us Apart


We've harnessed the power of acoustic and pressure verification to ensure ZERO false alarms. Because in a critical situation, every second – and every alert – truly counts.


Our system processes all gunshot data internally. We’ve eliminated the "human in the loop," cutting down on errors and delays. It's all about fast, accurate information for immediate action.

Fast Alerts

Our system springs into action in just one second, alerting you to the precise location of a gunshot. That's rapid information for a rapid response.


Our systems come with a built-in self-test, routine health reports, and instant maintenance alerts. Plus, our patented handheld testing device ensures constant readiness.

Innovative Software Solutions

We provide a detailed floor plan mapping of the device with real-time audio and visual information on the gunshot location. Our system also sends instant SMS and email alerts to designated recipients. Stay in the loop, always.


Whether it's a compact body-worn device or a unit recessed in wall or ceiling plates, we've got you covered. Our devices also come with surface mounting options for concrete and brick structures, and color matching options for discreet installation.

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