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Advanced Protection With Our Technological Sentry Line

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Discover Shellback's Sentry Line

Safety comes first, and at Shellback Survival Systems, we prioritize your protection. Our carefully designed and advanced Sentry line delivers peace of mind in an unpredictable world, offering top-tier security options to fit diverse safety needs.

Gunshot Detection in Action:

When a gun is fired, our strategically placed Shellback Sentry sensors instantly detect the sound.

Swift and Accurate Response:

Multiple sensors throughout the coverage area work together to pinpoint the precise location of the gunfire within seconds.

Expert Analysis for Verification:

Our team of Shellback Sentry gunfire and acoustic experts meticulously review the data to ensure accuracy and eliminate false alarms.

Immediate Dispatch:

An alert is promptly sent to the dispatch center and mobile units, enabling law enforcement to respond rapidly and effectively.

Enhanced Situational Awareness:

With the information provided by our system, officers arrive at the scene with greater situational awareness and preparedness, optimizing their response and minimizing potential risks.


The Fixed Position Defender

Our Sentry fixed-position device offers unmatched reliability in fixed security environments. Its state-of-the-art technology provides a durable and steadfast layer of protection, ideal for permanent installations in areas requiring consistent surveillance.


The Body Worn Protector

Experience personal safety like never before with Sentry6, our innovative body-worn device. Lightweight yet robust, Sentry6 keeps you protected on the go, ensuring your safety in various environments.

Sentry 360

Mobile Surveillance

Sentry360 brings security mobility to the next level. Our cutting-edge mobile trailer moves with you, providing comprehensive surveillance in varying terrains and situations.

Sonic Sentry

The Fixed Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

Sonic Sentry, our fixed LRAD, redefines long-range safety. Leveraging advanced acoustic technology, Sonic Sentry enables long-distance communication and threat deterrence , making it an essential addition to your security suite.